Our most important asset is the Metro Encoding Process, a workflow developed over ten years. These are best encoding practices, start to finish, developed by our team. You can utilize any portion of The Process to suit your needs.

1. Consultation – There is a lot to know before you can get your video to the Web. Each question answered leads to many more. We help our clients decide what they really want. The most asked questions go to our FAQ list.

2.Digitization – Working from HDCAM, Digibeta or Beta, we capture using SDI with embedded audio. We capture Uncompressed to high speed RAID arrays. The video retains all information and remains in its native color space.

3.The Magic – Here’s the fun part; Deinterlace, Inverse Telecine, Crop, Trim, Edit, Resize,… This is all done hands-on using the best tools and methods for each piece of content. This is the part that can’t be automated.

4.Compression – using a Metro Profile or one specifically configured to the clients needs. We navigate the strengths and weaknesses of eight different Encoding Software packages, dozens of codec choices and endless profile configurations.

5.Delivery – to your server, to our server, DVD-R or Hard Drive.
We should say it again: The Process is not automated. Our Encoding Technicians see your content through every step. Many complicated decisions must be made within The Process, and no software can be relied upon to make those decisions.

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