Emmy Nominations for WETA

Metro Encoding, Press Release Jul 21, 2010

Metro Encoding has been working on “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” for over a year, encoding clips for the website and later, digital screeners for the Emmys.  We’re now happy to congratulate WETA and Florentine Films for five Emmy nominations: Continue ...

First Takes on the ARRI Alexa

Good Reading Jul 15, 2010

Very informative article by Gary Adcock on the new Alexa:

ARRI Alexa: Love at First Sight!

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New Trailer – Jonna’s Body, Please Hold

Metro Encoding, Trailers Jul 14, 2010

From director Adam Bluming and writer/actress Jonna Tamases, the movie Jonna’s Body, Please Hold trailer has been encoded and added to our demos page. Check out the trailer.

YouTube Has a Take on HTML5

Metro Encoding Jul 02, 2010

More confirmation of how far HTML5 has yet to go (with a shout-out to Adobe’s Flash):

Flash and the HTML5 <video> tag

HTML5 – Maybe Someday

Good Reading Jun 29, 2010

It’s been a one month surge of excitement over HTML5.  It’s all quite reminiscent of the release of H.264 (not to mention the original MPEG-4 framework).  If you remember, that was the end of the Codec Wars.  We all gathered around H.264 and stopped using all others.

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