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Good Reading Oct 25, 2011

Requiem for Silverlight – ReadWrite

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On to the Cloud – Metro Encoding Presents “The Source”

Metro Encoding, Press Release Sep 07, 2011
Metro Encoding, a leader in Video Compression and Encoding, announced a new set of services collectively know as “The Source.” This service will take any format of video and produce a transcoding source file tailored to the specifications of any internet video site.

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Metro Encoding Presents “The Source”

Formats, Metro Encoding Sep 01, 2011

Our clients produce Music Videos, Trailers and Promo Clips for distribution to a wide range of outlets.  They are being inundated with Spec Sheets that are sometimes hard to decipher and often call for very different encoding specs.  We cut through the technical aspects of each spec, and can compare and contrast to produce the minimal number of Source Files needed. Continue ...

VP8 Under Attack

Codecs, Formats, Good Reading Jul 29, 2011

We’ve been following the course of VP8 and WebM since its release last year.  We’ve also been waiting for someone to ask us to encode to WebM.  We encode a few thousand minutes of content every week, so we consider ourselves a bellwether of Codec/Format acceptance.  So far, not one request for WebM.  Now MPEG-LA, who represent the patent pool for H.264 (AVC) has gathered 12 organizations claiming patent infringement by WebM/VP8:

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Bigger is Better?

High Definition, Metro Encoding Jul 10, 2011

We’ve all been bombarded with big in the last few years.  On the hardware side came Blu-ray along with the 1080 resolution for LCD and LED.  That’s all a revolution still in the making.  The televisions are selling, but Blu-ray has not convinced the herd to junk their DVD players and upgrade.

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