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What We’re Reading Today

Good Reading Oct 25, 2011

Requiem for Silverlight – ReadWrite

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VP8 Under Attack

Codecs, Formats, Good Reading Jul 29, 2011

We’ve been following the course of VP8 and WebM since its release last year.  We’ve also been waiting for someone to ask us to encode to WebM.  We encode a few thousand minutes of content every week, so we consider ourselves a bellwether of Codec/Format acceptance.  So far, not one request for WebM.  Now MPEG-LA, who represent the patent pool for H.264 (AVC) has gathered 12 organizations claiming patent infringement by WebM/VP8:

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Small Audiences for Online Video Series

Basic Information, Good Reading Jun 21, 2011

Just reading through a lovely article on Online Video Series.  Seems that everyone’s excited about the potential, but nobody’s watching:

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What are we reading now? HTML5 vs. Flash

Basic Information, Good Reading Jun 20, 2011

Digital Media SpecialistsThe HTML5 War continues, though you don’t hear as much about it lately.  For Web Developers, it really matters.  They are being asked to choose sides:  Flash vs. HTML5, Adobe vs. Apple, what works now vs. what may work in the future.  This post from Periscopic gives some good detail and statistics on how they’ve made their choice (for now):

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What Are We Reading Now?

Basic Information, Good Reading Feb 01, 2011

Interesting take from James McQuivey of Forrester Research on Apple’s latest moves to shore up it’s Walled Garden approach:

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